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@mpf9ret -

I had to rake through some archive images tonight - in passing - thought to post these on to you - Istanbul. A truly visually impressive place - Yours - I.
Thanks Ian.
That area will be our first port of call when we get there. We will have our daughter in law back there to finish off her contract, and our son is coming over for the weekend to tae us to a Fish Restaurant that they know.
All the Best- Mike
I have posted these two separately to the above for obvious reasons. Possibly two of the most notoriously famous entrances on the planet. Auschwitz and Birkenbeau really are the two saddest and yet most moving places I have ever visited. Highly recommended as a visit if only to walk away with a realisation of how valuable life really is.



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A third of my bookcases - my flat is littered with books - I have been trying to tidy up - this is effort number one. i thought it made a nice picture. Nice Ikons?

Yours - I.

@Barry Giddens @TomG
That’s exactly how a flat should look Iain. But where are the razors you mention? Is this a competition? Perhaps the prize could be one of those religious pictures.