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Boobs are rarely disappointing, armour that by it's design defeats its purpose though bugs the shit out of me I'm afraid. It''s one of those 'jar you out of immersion' things, like 20 shot revolvers and racoons in the English countryside.
I agree, armour that directs a blow straight onto the sternum isn't exactly practical, neither is fighting in wedge heels. On the other hand I don't mind Hollywood placing glamour over practicality in a film filled with other impossible things.
Lone survivor Marcus luttrels operation red wing .amazing film I'm now reading the book, he had
11 through and throughs ,a broken back , torn shoulder ,fractured skull , no flesh on the backs of his legs 2 shot to fcuker knees and distroyed his right hand from his thumb to his index finger.
5 navy seals went into a mountain area without much cover ,these guys would normally take 5 clips each they took 11, one man came off that mountain
Revenant: 2 and a half hours of beautifully shot unremitting misery where various dirty, unkempt people do shit and usually brutal things to each other ably seconded by the environment. Bit like Heart of the Sea without the cannibalism. Builds to a tedious unoriginal finish that I was only half watching. Bag of Toss!

If you can live with subtitles then this is an absolute brilliant film. Anyone who can make a film about competetive ticket inspectors on the Budapest Metro and manages to make it both compulsive and humorous deserves recognition. Nimrod Antal (director) achieves just this.

And a guarantee 'fall in love' is Eszter Balla dressed as a teddy bear. God she is beautiful.

Quirky, bizarre and a spellbinding film which I just have to watch at least once a year.

Highly recommended
Darkest Hour.
Excellent. Gary Oldman deservedly won an Oscar for his portrayal of Churchill. What I really liked about his performance was his refusal to "mimic" the great man; he put his own subtle spin on Churchill's mannerisms and speech, which for me made it so much more tangible. And just quietly, a gem of a performance by one of my favourite Aussie actors, Ben Mendelsohn, as His Majesty King George VI.