Razor Brands To Avoid

Thank you for this most useful guide, Neil!

As someone (new to this forum) and in search of my first straight edge, this has been an invaluable help.
My son - bless him - knowing that I was wanting to buy my first (real) straight razor (I've had a Dovo Shavette for some years now) ordered me one online - made by 'Men Rock': to be frank, I would have got a better shave by putting milk on my face and letting the dog lick it off! Perhaps another one for the list? (I should add that - though I'm no expert at the process - said razor was honed and stropped very thoroughly before I tried shaving with it) :-/
What might be fun is a Summer Razor Contest. Were we pick an Avoided Brand and see if we could make it usable by Autumn.
We send the razor to one of the In-House experts and they select the winner. A Silk Purse From A Sows Ear Contest.
Ok you're right just don't have enough to do this morning! Off to the kitchen!
I suspect there is not the depth of knowledge to start a definitive list - and if it's not definitive then it's lacking through omission.

Basically, most old brands whether British, German, Swedish, French or USA, will be acceptable quality - although any used razor may have quality problems stemming from original manufacturing or mis-use by previous owners. The list of brands to avoid was started as a way of advising brand names used by manufacturers in emerging countries who use sub standard material and where the grinding is poor.

The US forum Straight Razor Place has a database of manufacturers and models - it's about as comprehensive as you will find becuase it is a collective effort by the razor owners.
this list just proves the old adage, " a bad workman always blames his tools"
Eh? What are you on about. This list proves that guys who know more about straights than the rest of us will ever forget in a lifetime are trying to do you a favour and prevent you wasting your cash on crap. A more appropriate old adage 'you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear'.