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Where is the option to remove my account? I would like to remove my account from the forum.
Due to GDPR this is a mandatory thing to supply this to a user to be able remove his/her own account.

Also I have used the Contact Us module almost a week ago, not a single response and no action has been taken to remove my account obviously.

Please do so.


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Hi Colin,

Oh none whatsoever. I have lost interest in the forum and would like to be removed from it.
The fact that this is not possible and that there is no response from the admins, that I find curious.
So making a point it is but yes you might have a point that forums should include some kind of remove my account thing after GDPR but at the same time with admin busy sorting things after moving forum to new host your valid point is maybe not making top three on the to do list :)
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I just saw the email in the admin folder, received on the 12th... deleted on the 14th. That is a short week, wish my work week was 2 days ... :D
A PM to a mod or a post in this section is probably the swiftest way to get your account removed should you wish. The admin mailbox gets inundated with spam so things can get overlooked.