Rockwell Adj. Bombs

As someone who has always used razors to shave only the beard on my face, it would be useful to see more reviews on how it performs in that role, as well as head-shaving.

I might add that I've not come across any safety razor that performs well with a big blob of soap built up on it, and especially not the thick-ish soap this chap applies to his bonce.

Personally, I'm not unhappy that I bailed out of the Kickstarter when it became tiresomely overdue, but I hope that this doesn't cause Rockwell grief, as they surely don't deserve it. At the proposed retail price, I can't see it appealing to a lot of people, when there are a lot of excellent razors (albeit not butterfly adjustables) available at that price. If they have fulfilled their Kickstarter backers, I suppose they'll see what interest they get from the wider market. They raised close on $400k, and I doubt that will have gone into the red, but if they can't make the sales and, more importantly, bring down the retail price to do so, I imagine it will just fade away.
I call BS on this review! I received my Rockwell Model T today and shaved with it for the first time. The adjustment is so smooth it seems very well put together. Uber smooth opening of the doors and the adjustment. Maybe it will loosen up but for now it seems very closely machined to me! The adjustment actually goes from very mild to plenty aggressive unlike the Parthenon that I also purchased. There is no mild setting with the Parthenon and it is very loose in its adjustment to the point of rattling when shaken. The model T I received does not rattle. Argue over the price and the materials if you wish but not in the quality of the finished product. I am no Rockwell fanboy. I just tell it as I call it! And, my first shave resulted in a 2 pass with buffing shave that was outstanding for me. I don't see how this guy's review is remotely representative of the Model T? Maybe I got a one off perfect edition, but I kind of doubt it. It certainly can't be the same razor model that the reviewer reviewed?
They own their mistake. There are lessons that can be deduced from this.
To be fair, they immediately took steps to correct these "issues."

But it does make a person wonder why they didn't catch them to begin with. Maybe the pool of initial reviewers of the prototypes were too small, or they made too many changes to the production model? Who knows?

I just hope my satin finish model is as good as oldjoes when it eventually shows up.
...thanks for sharing; good to see a review that is not anodyne and gives impartial opinions how ever painful for the manufacturer...I assumed Rockwell would have had a more robust testing and feedback process in place that informed an iterative design process, prior to releasing...
I felt that way with the Rocnel-SE GEM - the head of the razor ideally in my view, should be 2mm wider, as you can get bad scratches from the GEM blade. I thought that would have been identified in testing.

I hope that this does not affect Rockwell - the SS is a great razor.