Shaving with oil only


Wasn't sure where to put this.

I have been DE shaving for about 9/10 years.

Primarily using EJ DE89 razor. In the last 5 years I have done a fair amount of experimenting with blades & budget level soaps, creams, brushes & aftershave to find my favourites for that price.

Anyway I went on a short holiday & took a Gillette 4 piece travel Tech & some king of shaves oil as I needed to travel light.

In the past I went through a phase of only using oil to shave as I used to get better results from what I remember. Anyway I was really impressed with the shaves I got!
Previously I wasn't impressed with the techs I had but have been experimenting with a recent collection of vintage razors & assumed my technique has improved.

Anyway first day back & felt like using the travel tech for one last shave before putting it away. Decided I wanted to see if I could go against the grain with this beauty as it just didn't seem to aggravate me with multiple passes while on holiday XTG as more aggressive razors do.

Anyway since I was home I used my normal omega 49 brush & erasmic shave bowl (actually my favourite soap).
Lathered up......& Preceeded to have a awful shave.
Needed two extra passes to achieve what I did on holiday before i even attempted ATG ( which I managed to achieve with minimal irritation for the first time ever).

This has left me wondering.

Is the oil the reason for the DFS I was getting on holiday?

Anyone here shaves with oil only & if so any good budget brand recommendations?
Just ended up with one of the closest shaves of my life!

Mainly because I went ATG which I cannot normally manage .
However today while shaving everything felt nice & smooth so I thought why not try?

Went ATG with multiple buffing passes & achieved one of my closest shaves ever.
All this with a Gillette new improved which I find quite aggressive & a Astra blade.

Main difference with this shave is I used king of shaves advanced shaving oil which I never used before.

Was it the oil or did my technique jump up a few levels?

We shall see