soaps - non traditional scents

Hello All,
Could anyone provide some guidance for soap manufacturers with a range of non-trad scents please?
I do like complicated scents. I bought the VS Opuntia, which I like very much but I'm looking around.
I like fresh, bright, green (not pine), perhaps floral, citrus spring-ey scents. I have my eye on P&B Trafalgar, would be keen to hear thoughts on this.
Don't use cologne/ETD etc as my skin doesn't react well with alcohol, so I'd like a nice soap with a scent which lingers!
Oh, and I'd prefer to be able to buy from a UK supplier. I don't seem to like demands for money from HMRC!
Thanks all.
P&B Trafalgar is a fantastic soap.
It's oceanic/ozone with elements of fresh green wood. It's a classy & warm scent though, which is surprising, given the oceanic nature of the scent. I detect no element of citrus whatsoever.
The only problem I could see you having is that it's not a strong, lingering scent - at least as far as the soap goes. If I shower, then do a 3-pass shave & just lightly rinse off afterwards, I'd say the scent lasts for a good couple of hours.
I suppose if you like the soap then you could buy the solid cologne which is alcohol free.

T&H 1805 is a top performing citrus-based cream or soap. Quite a complex scent, too. Much like Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey.
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