SOTD : Saturday 1st - Friday 7th December. 2018.


SOTD : 1st December 2018.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Hot shower:/ L'OREAL~ Hydra Sensitive Birch Sap Shower Gel.


warm wet flannel to my face.

Pears ~ Transparent Soap. / Bloom water.

Brush: Omega 49 Pro.

Face Lather.

Soap : Scottish Fine Classic Shaving Soap.

Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword ~ Saloon Pack.(1)

Razor: Parker 22R.


Cold Water Face Rinse./ Homemade Lavender + Tea Tree Oil Witch Hazel Mixture./ Giorgio Beverly Hills ~ Ocean Dream ASL.

Aloe Vera Gel


A new shave set up to start the weekend...I always look forward to using the Scottish Fine Classic shaving Soap, which i bloomed in some hot tap water for 5 minutes, before loading up the brush, and using the bloom water as a extra pre-shave, then additionally rubbing the puck directly into my stubble like a shave stick adding a small amount of water to the tips of the brush between each pass..Like MWF, Kent it's post shave feeling is fantastic, which always makes the shave a pleasurable experience...Superb shaving soap.

Another 3 pass + pick ups BBS shave with no errors to report.

Finishing the shave off with a generous dollop of aloe vera gel.

My face is feeling smooth, & smelling devine.

Enjoy the start of the weekend, ladies & gentlemen.
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Saturday 1st December

Pears Glycerine Soap
Proraso White Pre Shave
Nanny's Citrus Zinger Soap
Kent Infinity Synthetic Brush
Feather AC SS (Japanese Style) with a Feather Super Pro Blade
Thayers Witch Hazel
Arko Sensitive ASB
Benjamins Kananga Water

A lovely shave this morning,although the blade was beginning to tug a little towards the end. After approximately 10 shaves it has now been retired!
Saturday 1st December

Heno de Pravia glycerine soap pre shave - Yaqi Sagrada Familia - Haslinger Honig (tallow) - Ever Ready 1912
- GEM SSC #5 - Alum - SIR Irisch Moos A/S - Dove Nourishing Cream - SIR Irisch Moos EDT

Three days after my ultra close Streamline result, I shaved with my favourite 1912, which gave me another superb shave.

Be well everyone.
Sat 1st December.

Jayaruh No67
Stirling Baker Street
ER/Gem Push Button
Gem S/S [ 5 ]
Tuff Green A/S Lotion

This is rather a nice little Razor which I enjoy Shaving with, though being on the light side for me affects the
quality of the finished Shave. Though the Shave is smooth, because of my coarse beard I end up with a "Good going to Work" Shave, rather than a " Special Occassion" Shave. I reckon that it would be a superb daily shaver for those with lighter beard growth. Still not a bad result on a waning blade.

Saturday 1 December

Hello Folks; hope everyone’s well.

RazoRock Plissoft 24mm
Phoenix and Beau Baskerville
ER 1914
Gem SS w/rubber band shim
Thayer’s Cucumber and Aloe Vera
Fine Fresh Vetiver after shave

3 day’s worth of bristles jettisoned with the 1914. Whilst I can’t hold it in the same esteem as my English 1912 and Streamline razors, it does the business.

Great performance as always from the P&B Baskerville and feeling very smooth. Cool, too; with the ever-dependable Fresh Vetiver.

Prep: Hot towel
Pre shave: Prep
Razor: ‘The Rock’ (Rockwell 6S – #3)
Blade: Gillette Bleue Extra
Brush: 'Jade' (Rooney Heritage 2XL Jade)
Soap: Wholly Kaw 'Agrumi in Estate'
Post: Cold water rinse / Witch Hazel / Wholly Kaw Merchant of Tobacco Aftershave Balm
Fragrance: Terre d'Hermès

A wonderful shave today, in fact, it was so enjoyable, I did the 'extra passes just for the hell of it' thing.. Sorted.