Synthetic recommendations please

Got Badger, Boar, and horse hair brushes but not tried a synthetic so would be grateful forr any recommendations. Looking for nice starter brush without spending daft money, to see if I like or not.
It apears there are only three major affordable types Mühle Black Fibre is available in German drugstores, the Yaqi Plissoft/Black Fibre's and the latest Tuxedo/Cashmere/Mew's etc Yaqi's available on Aliexpress.
I think @Benz3ne may be able to answer that, he's been using one for the past few months IIRC ;)
I can indeed. The ‘silvertip’ is fairly floppy but feels gorgeous on the face. You have to load a little harder with it but it’s not struggled with any of the softish soaps or creams I’ve thrown at it.
The ‘2-band’ is a lot stronger with notably more backbone but still soft and with little scritch even straight out of the box. I’ve found it a great brush to the point I don’t need anything else. Decent for the money. :) I personally prefer the ‘2-band’.
Razorock plissofts are great, as are Yaqi. I haven’t used high end brushes but I believe these to be great value for money. I paid about £16 for a Razorock Bruce and about £13 for a Yaqi Tuxedo with nice black marble barber shape handle. The Bruce handle is a great shape.
Functionally, nothing.

Muhles are very well made, and their synthetic knots were cutting edge a few years back. They have long since been matched or bettered (according to your preferences) by many other makes.
Interesting. Can you give examples of what makes have matched or surpassed Muhle for synthetics? If some of the cheaper ones achieve this feat, then why pay more I suppose