Tactical Flashlights

Hello everyone,

The other day someone at work showed me a flashlight that was small and compact and came with a holster and usb charging port, it was nothing like what they had years back that was heavy and big, he bought it from Ebay for a fiver which I thought was not bad but I was thinking if I want to invest in a flashlight then go for a good quality made, I have asked Dr Google and it has chucked a whole load of information and now I am confused, can any of you good people who know or have a tactical flashlight recommend one for me, ideally I will be using more of it when on holiday where there are no street lamps about.

Thank you
Tactical is a much used adjective for many a tacky useless item.

What do you want to do with your torch, how will you carry it and how much do you want to pay?
it will mostly be used when I go to India and Bangladesh, most of my relatives live in the village where there is no electricity to light up an area when you need to investigate or walk home, I have a budget of £50
I would suggest a AA model in that case as I guess these batteries will be fairly easy to source?

I run all my lights (don’t ask how many as I don’t know and it’s far too many!!! ) on rechargeable Li Ion batteries (a 14500 is the equivalent of a AA in size but at a higher voltage so you get more light from torches that are built to accept them) but many can use primary cells (that’s normal batteries) and/or “normal” NiMH or NiCad rechargeables.

Eagletac do some excellent AA lights that will run on different types of battery.

www.flashaholics.co.uk do a good range of stuff at decent price. They are very helpful so a quick phone call to explain your needs could be very productive?

Drop me a PM if you want any more specific info
I have an LedLenser P7 which has since been upgraded: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ledlenser-501046-Professional-Upgraded-Performance/dp/B075F3FBTB/
Nice compact size, comes with a belt holster and I have used it on dark islands on holidays. It's incredibly bright, takes AAA batteries (normal or rechargeable) and falls within your budget.
You could use it as a defensive weapon if attacked at night. Shine the torch into the attacker's eyes and they won't see a thing until the cops show up or you have legged it. Not that I have tried.
I'm sure that in the years I've had it, better torches have come onto the market, but I'm very happy with mine.