To use or not to use aftershave?

Here's my opinion... Aftershave completely clears out your pores of any bacteria that was hanging around from the razor blade shaving soap or cream, and also The alcohol in many aftershaves acts as an astringent, and so can help slow bleeding a bit. if the aftershave has witch hazel in it as well, even better – its a potent astringent too. And alcohol also acts as an antiseptic, which can help prevent skin infections like razor burn or irritation..I advise that you try using Aloe Vera gel ,(my personal favourite) witch hazel, or a/s balm as a 'Post Shave' .especially in the colder months of the year. Hope this helps. Regards. B.
PS: A good Post shave doesn't have to cost a fortune....Aloe vera Gel is very reasonably priced.
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