UK meteorology

BTW, in the Netweather post, an elevated mixed layer refers to the leading edge of the cooler, drier air at height (upper levels of the troposphere) associated with the cold front. It is mixed, in that the cooler air is fairly homogenous in and of itself, but it lies above the hot, moist airmass currently over this area (I''m sweating as I type!) and is not yet mixed with that hot, humid airmass (hence it is described an an elevated layer).
Looking at my pine cone (alright - BBC weather) and with my finger in the air, it looks like the heatwave is reaching its end. A fresh breeze blowing in my Lincolnshire village tonight and a drop of 4 degrees C by tomorrow. No real sign of rain though and the temperature looks to be running around 2-3 degrees C above average for a good while yet. All good - hopefully a forthcoming trip to Rome won't come as too much of a shock, plus I've tomatoes to ripen and, if the trend continues into autumn, an October break in Norfolk should be pleasant :)