Vintage razors

I was wondering how good a shave vintage razors give compared to modern tools. Both in comfort and efficiency. Any recommendations?
Most vintage razors will be as comfortable and shave as well as their modern counterparts.
I would recommend a Ever-Ready 1912, there are plenty to be had and they shave very well indeed but there are many more vintage razors out there and I'm sure you will get other recomendations.
Gillette Tech gives a fine shave, comfortable and close if your technique is good and the blade sharp.
Gillette Old style open combs are very efficient though you need to watch the angle, very smooth when you get it right.
I used to like the English Long Comb New in my early days of DE shaving I found it comfortable but not too efficient, I keep meaning to revisit it now my technique is so much better. Every razor I've re-tried over the last couple of years has been a completely different beast.
Vintage or Modern they all have their quirks, suiting different blades or types of beard but essentially they all shave hair.
I was considering a Gillette 1947 super speed butterfly razor.
The Super speed are a nifty little razor. You'll have to bear in mind that the 'black tip', 'red tip' and 'blue tip' ones vary in aggression (as a result of more/less blade being exposed, to keep it short). The regular, all silver one is a nice shaver though. If you can pick it up cheap, no harm done! Plenty would buy it off you if you didn't find favour with it. :)
I was considering a Gillette 1947 super speed butterfly razor.
I used to own one as well as many other Super-Speed razors including some English "flare" tip Rockets. They are good shavers all, but I like the Tech better as it is more nimble and shaves just as good. As well, the head fits under my nose better than domed TTO razors. YMMV.