Vintage Style Brushes

I currently use a Crown King Switchback 400
You can sometimes find the Rubberset 400 on ebay USA.....

I love the style of the 400, I have 3 Razorock 400 style brushes, one of them I re-knotted with a 2 band badger and another with a Semogue 2000's boar knot. I also have the BSB version of the 400 with a Shavemac silvertip knot, my first 400 style brush was the Shavemac.... I love them all.
My brush finally arrived today. Absolutely love it.

Product Design Specifications
Manufacturer: Whiting & Adams
Model/Size #087
Material: Hardwood/Bakelite Plastic
Socket diameter: 26mm
Handle height: 90mm ± 1mm
Handle diameter (measured at it's widest point): 40mm ± 1mm

Knot measurements:
Knot base: 24mm
Free loft: 50

Type: Maggard Razor’s - 24mm Two Band badger hair


I've only seen one of these before. So I am assuming they must be pretty hard to come by.