Watched threads gone weird on new platform

Since the change i've lost the upper links banner that had my watched threads. Well its not lost but located in the side toll bar that is hidden on my mobile. I'm not liking the scaling on mobile at all. So thats just part of the issue. Now when I click on watched threads the list is there in a date last update to thread posted order. This no longer hides threads i've read all updates on. I'm presented with a full list of threads i'm watching. It short it is a painful user journey. It worked perfectly only being shown threads i'd not read.
Screenshot_20180628-185257.png Screenshot_20180628-185231.png Screenshot_20180628-185417.png
Ok so scaling is more to tho logo and the fact that the upper toolbar has been removed. And as you can see where I would have just clicked my watched thread at the top toolbar I now need to click the top right button >then expand forum tab >and then click watched threads. Thats 2 clicks tomboy IMO. And then its the fact that the watched threads are all there rather than there until read


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That's odd, it's only showing unread for me, there must be some difference between the mobile version.
When you open that link, there should be a filter button on the right hand side, can you tell me what's checked when you open that?