What are you drinking tonight.

I had a few beverages yesterday (who didn't!), I had a Northern Monk IPA in the evening, some Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% with dinner and at lunchtime I made a new craft cocktail, of which I recorded a video :D

The Unintended Collaboration #2

Here we are with the second Unintended Collaboration, this time we're delving into the heartland of old school, a variation on the Snakebite. I've christened it The Serpent's Nibble, and it features Vocation "Dirty Pilsner" and Angioletti "Craft Italian Cider".

I chose the Dirty Pilsner because it is a 'lager' that actually has flavour, and the Angioletti because it was the only craft cider I could lay my hands on!

I started out 50/50 and soon realised that the sweetness of the cider masked everything, so I would suggest more like 75/25 in favour of the Dirty Pilsner to get a happy marriage of hops versus apple sweetness. I'll leave you with the video.

One from last night:

Amundsen Bryggeri "Rebel King" Imperial Stout

You know it's winter when you feel the urge to bring out the Imperial Stouts, and tonight I felt compelled to indulge in this one. Rebel King promises coffee, chocolate and vanilla, all wrapped up nicely in 8.5 of your finest percentage points of ABV.

What I found was a bitter chocolate start, enveloped in a thick, almost cloying body - and trust me, this is a good thing. It then finished (or so I thought) with a creamy vanilla taste...which then faded into a mellow, smooth coffee, and this aftertaste lasted for a veritable age...utter bliss.

All this made for a lovely sipper on a cold winters night, whilst deep-cleaning camera lenses. If you've not tried this beer, I strongly urge you to, it's lovely.