What are you eating tonight?


Yesterday I happened to be looking for some venison sausage just for the hell of it. There's a real nice store that actually makes lots of their own sausages and carries some unusual other brands. Called The Paulina Market in Chicago if you wanna see some nice food related offerings. It's out of the way for me and I have never been inside the place.

Anyway, I was also looking at the racks of beef ribs the butcher section sells, mainly because it's a great cut if done right. Doesn't hurt that it's usually a fairly reasonable part of the steer.

So today I was shopping at the local joint and I'll be darned if they didn't have beef ribs in good sized slabs of maybe 4 pounds each with 4-5 ribs. And, they were on sale for $3 a pound. And, it looks pretty tasty, the one for dinner tonight. Setting the oven at 250 degrees for 4 hours or so and done deal. Man, I love beef ribs but you don't see em at many restaurants. Short ribs are real good too, but different.
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Phew! Work has been mental ... working two jobs at the moment, Mrs retired from her main job and now down to the one job she now wants to do, I'm pushing the (second) job that I really want to do and hoping it's going to come to fruition ... and so, I've not been shopping.

Literally, we're down to an avocado, some penne, half a jar of black olives, half a carton (passable) of tomato puree and a jar of Bratwursts. Guess what we're having for dinner?

Yeah, curry :D

I jest ... I'll slap that lot together, run up to the corner for some eggs from the lady who keeps chickens and have a weird pan-European mish mash with a fried egg on top.

I need to go shopping ...

Meanwhile, I have coffee, I have rum, oh, there's white fish for the cats which I could dip into ... we're fine.
Braised oxtail & mash, followed by summer pudding.
Mate! Best mate! You! Yes, you ... my best mate! You've got enough for your best mate, right? I'll be round presently ... what's your address again? You keep moving :D

That sounds so good! I love oxtail. Being the cook, I tend to pull the smaller bones during cooking, pull the meat and a few drops of Tabasco while waiting. Chef's privilege, right?

Enjoy! It sounds great!
Cheers Paul. I've noticed you often eat very well yourself. You're right about chef's privilege - like roast chicken skin or gnawing on the rib to get the crispy bits after carving a rib of beef!

Summer pudding is with fruits from the garden. First time I've tried my hand at it, hopefully it'll be a success!

Enjoy your mish mash :)

The last couple days I have had a craving for a donut, but not one made at a large chain like Dunkin Donuts. Those bakers leave something out of the recipe that keeps em from being wonderful.

Yesterday I did a search and surprisingly find a donut place not far from me that opened recently. Looked at some reviews and jeeez, these things sounded great! Small independent operation with some intriguing offerings. Oh yeah, crazy store hours schedule with the place only being open on the weekends. Plus, that's from 9am till 2 in the afternoon. That's it...10 hours a week.

Well I stopped there today and had a still warm cinnamon sugar cake donut. Whew doggies, I coulda eaten a few more easily. Man, nothing like fresh donuts. I might just stop in there again tomorrow.