Why did you start?

I hated shaving from being a teen always left me with a screamingly sore face so I avoided it. Then my mum and dad bought me a Rolls Razor when I was in my early 40s, as a curio rather than to shave with but I tried it and it was the best shave I'd ever had. Not without discomfort but still miles better so a year or two later when my ex was blagging me about shaving I started to do some research and ended up here.
Well I've saved money on it. I like cheap soaps, don't go in for much in the way of pre and post shave stuff, prefer boar to badger and managed to avoid the rabbit hole. Err...I also inherited some nice razors and what might be a lifetime's supply of blades, yeh that helped ;)
Indeed, one can introduce a feel of luxury and variety into shaving for very little money. However, the sky is the limit, as some will spend $5000 on a limited edition toggle razor on auctions.

You know the story.
"I only buy cheap stuff" - buys x1000 units of everything. I have 5 boar brushes btw. :p
"I don't want to waste money on disposable blades or razors" - buys 50 straight razors and specialized honing kit.
"Anything except $20 artisan soaps and $150 steel milled razors is bunch of crapola" - doesn't know how to shave still.

99% of the hobby is hardware obsession (hunter-gatherer genes?), but I believe the biggest factor of getting a better shave is learning how to shave properly and the right attitude at male grooming. Yes, most men who shaved for decades still don't know how to shave properly until they enter this community and start learning.

When people reach the learning curve peak, come to a realization they can now shave literally with anything because their technique has developed. Then they revisit hardware they started with and come to a shocking realization that Weishi, Arko, Proraso and Semogue aren't so bad at all. Actually, even disposables and canned goo can be good with the right technique. But good luck taking their stash away! :D

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I shaved with DE and SE razors for years, but not being satisfied with the resultant shaves I went back to shaving with a Gillette Mach3 and a Gillette Sensor. Since then my shaves have been close and comfortable. I think shaving with a DE or SE is highly overrated, but each person has to decide what works best to have a “proper” shave.
I started because i have to be clean shaven for work and because my wife really dislikes facial hair on a chap, i found the cartridge system that i was using was both expensive and uncomfortable, a little research and i ended up with a DE set up, but you know those online stores also sell straights and i always wanted to try that, that part of the journey led me here and here i started to find out about all those really cool vintage razors that shave better than a lot of modern stuff, i reckon you can join the dots and work it out from there!
I had a huge stash of Sensor blades which I got for a silly price on ebay - looking back, it must have been a stock clearance thing as when I had used them up the price had jumped up massively and the new thing was the Mach multi-blade silliness. grew a beard then found this place. :) I would have stayed with the sensor forever otherwise
I had just purchased the latest Gillette multiblade boyracer shaver and damn the blades were expensive. Then I noticed my face kept itching and I found out thst this is a recognised although not serious medical condition. So further research led me to get a DE and I found I liked it. I now take up way more bathroom space than my good lady.
Curious to hear more about this. I sometimes get itching on my non shaving day. I get this more with some DE blades than with others for some reason.
At the time, some years ago, I googled it and it came up with a result including a Latin name, and blamed it on multi blade shaving. I didnt take a note of the name and I regret I cant find it now. I remember it clearly stating that it was not dangerous or likely to spread. Just irritating. Sorry I cant be of more help. The last time I heard of this with a DE shaver it turned out to be overuse of alum block ie not rinsing the face.
Curious to hear more about this. I sometimes get itching on my non shaving day. I get this more with some DE blades than with others for some reason.
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Only just restarted and told 'her indoors' it was to save money. Within a week I have spent more than a years subscription to the shaving club and filled up 2 shelves in the bathroom. I think it is the jackdaw syndrome - can't resist collecting shiny things!
Brilliant. I started DE shaving with the twin goals of getting a better shave with minimal irritation, and saving money. I’ve done the former, not the latter, so far.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about brushing a nice warm cream/soap lather onto your face, gliding a DE razor through it and taking your time about it, as opposed to slapping ‘canned goo’ gel onto your face and running an expensive cartridge down it in a couple of minutes

The rabbit hole goes as deep as you want it to. As I saw in a thread once, “Your face, your wallet, your choice.” After the initial outlay and trying a few brushes out, I’ve got enough blades to last a few months so don’t NEED to buy anything at all for a while
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