YaqI Chianti' Synthetic

Not keen on the handle colour but the knot looks superb!
The knot is what drew me to this particular brush.

Very nice Paul, I assume you have the whole range and that colour was the last on the list:D Pinks fine if that's what you want ..go for it!
It's more purple than pink up close.
I have three YaqI brushes now with this one.
24mm Tuxedo with Red Marble Handle and a Two Band Finest Badger with the same handle as the Tuxedo.
Well, I used this brush last night and I was very pleased with how it performed.
Taking literally a dozen or so swirls to load and face lathering with Wickham Parma Violet soap the lather was outstanding in all respects.
It has very soft tips and is not at all floppy.
There is no protruding glue bump as with my 24mm YaqI Tuxedo.
I'm very pleased with my purchase and will use this brush regularly