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Ginger Beer

Discussion in 'Food and Drink Talk' started by Sabre, Sunday March 25, 2018.

  1. Sabre


    I am going to try my hand at ginger beer. I have bought a ginger beer plant, so will give that a go. I may also try making a ginger bug. Both can naturally carbonate. A ginger bug and ginger beer plant will carbonate anything. Hopefully it will be better than my yeast experiment 13 years ago that exploded ;).
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  2. riverrun


    I had to look that up. I thought you had bought some sort of brewery :D Good luck. I should really start making my own wines again (sour cherry being the most memorable). SWMBO would kill me if I filled up the kitchen with half a dozen 25 litre carboys... ahhh... those happy student days.
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  3. Ferrum


    I used to brew beer, make wines, and produce ginger-beer.

    I could never get the right conditions, especially warmth, notwithstanding expensive brewing heaters, and the wines and beers were, to put it gently, rather on the "ersatz" side.

    The ginger beer was more successful, although I had a couple of occasions when I'd bottled it a bit early into pint bottles with crown caps, put it in the cellar, and had the tops blow off every one in rapid succession. The ceiling needed repainting, and it wasn't advisable to stand still, for fear of being stuck, immovable, to the floor (a bit like the old Ally Pally Beer Festivals).

    Ginger beer plants are more fun than house plants, for sure.
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