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SOTD: Saturday 15th- Friday 21st April 2017

Discussion in 'Shave of the Day' started by Palmolive fox, Saturday April 15, 2017.

  1. slantman


    Brass Colonial General SE
    Feather Pro (6)
    Santa Marie Del Fiore Soft Soap
    Big Bruce Synthetic
    Nivea Creme Balm
    Clubman After Shave
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  2. slantman


    Brass Colonial General SE
    Feather Pro (6)
    Santa Marie Del Fiore Soft Soap
    Big Bruce Synthetic
    Nivea Creme Balm
    Clubman After Shave
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  3. Clint64


    April 21, 2017​
    Wolfman WR1 OC​
    Feather (3)​
    “Amigos” Simpson CH2 Jade Synthetic​
    Route 66 Lumberjack​
    Fine Platinum​
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  4. No such thing as bad weather, just a bad choice of clothing! :) I expect Munnro Bagging is better though if you can see the peaks!
  5. SOTD 20170421


    Brush: Cadman with finest knot (24 mm - loft 50 mm).
    Shaving soap: Jabones by Luna "Dama de noche".
    Razor: QSHAVE RD280 (Merkur Futur clone).
    Blade: Centwin Super Platinum (4).
    After shave: Jabones by Luna "Dama de noche" balm.

    First shave with this Futur clone (dial on 2).
    The "lady of the night" smells delicious.

    Smooth and smelling wonderful.

    Have a nice day, everybody ! :)
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  6. Looney12345


    Afternoon gents,

    Last night’s shave below and my 11th straight shave. This time using a Krahn pass around razor. It’s been around a week since my last disaster of a shave and there were still a couple of spots (ingrown hairs) that still hadn’t fully recovered. That last shave really dented my confidence in SR shaving, but with the pass around razors arriving I couldn’t NOT go at it again. Nishy recommended I use the Krahn first as it’s the smoothest razor of the lot. This was great advice. It struggled on a couple of spots as obviously had quite a bit of growth, but the majority of the shave was smooth. The razor never felt like it was going to bite or nick me, really pleasant shave and a full two passes on my entire mug resulted in a socially acceptable shave. Not smooth all over, but a decent result.

    It was my first use of my new (traded) Mervyn Cadman TGN two band Finest - 26x57mm brush and also my first use of 1912 Frankincense. The brush was great, it helped me create one of the thickest Wickham’s lather I’ve ever created and it picked up loads of soap. Generally soft on the face, a bit of scrub, a little scratch, but very little. A great brush and I love the resin, it looks like one of my guinea pigs :D. The soap, performance is classic 1912, the scent is a bit different, I don’t love it, I don’t dislike it, it was just pleasant. Nice relaxing scent for an evening shave though. I think I may be asking if anyone fancies trading it for an Irish Fern or Classic 24 at some point.

    Anyway, it’s Friday, enjoy the rest of your day and look forward to the weekend!

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  7. invicta


    Merkur Progress + GSB #22, TOBS Sandalwood + Commodore X3, moisturiser to finish. It has been a while since I used the Progress so took me a while to adjust to the angle. Great shave though.
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  8. [​IMG]

    R H & Sons retailer (R Hovenden & Sons) 'Real Old English Razor', possibly made by Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield.
    Rubberset Inspired Synthetic brush made by myself
    Stirling Coniferous soap
    Stirling Coniferous balm
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  9. nolisco



    Vie Long 04503
    Razor: Merkur 34C HD w/ Shark Super Stainless (1)
    Soap: Phoenix and Beau Albion
    Post: Thayers Rose, Aloe Vera Gel & Dior Sauvage

    My first use of the newer 10 week cured soaps and what a difference it makes too. The performance is completely changed, lathers much better and now I can fully appreciate the scent of this soap. No muskiness like previous soaps, I was indifferent to the scent previously but today I have fallen in love with it. Very light and crisp. Can't wait for my next order of Imperial Rum!

    First use of a Shark razor blade in a while, don't think these blades are for me. NO irritation as such but when I applied post there was a slight tingle, could always be from the post and closeness of a shave but with so many blades that I enjoy. These won't be purchased again.

    All in all a great shave and one I thoroughly enjoyed.
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  10. mr. smith

    mr. smith

    SOTD: 20APR17​
    Soap: ATG Spring LE by Eufros
    Brush: Paladin "Chief" 26 mm
    Razor: Blackland BB SB Machined
    Blade: Personna Lab Blue (1)
    AS: Thayers Witch Hazel "Cucumber" & Stirling Soap Co. Baker Street PSB
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  11. Benz3ne


    Did I see that brush on a Facebook BST group? :D It looks beautiful! Keep at it with the SR :D
  12. Wazzer3


    Go back to the puck and load more....
  13. jmudrick


    Flawless. Beard was dispatched with Feather AC Pro wielding MMOC, while the Hussy with fresh Personna cue balled the noggin effortlessly. Some say she's a bad girl... But ain't no way I'm letting her go.[​IMG]

    Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  14. Looney12345


    It was on FB and on ATG... and on TSR I believe! :D:D

    It's a lovely brush, really happy with it and thanks for the kind words! I'll be keeping at SR for sure... I'm too invested not to! It's just bloody disheartening when you have a crap shave
  15. Wazzer3


    Is there a online retailer for the soap Jan?
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  16. gartbnx


  17. On facebook: Jabones y cosmética Artesana By Luna (
    Elena is a nice lady who makes bath soaps, shaving soap,ASB, etc. ...
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  18. Superb shaving brush. ;)
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  19. FrankieG


    Art Of Shaving Sandalwood tallow soap
    Cadman L7 Synthetic
    RazoRock Black Hawk / Schick Proline (2)
    Organic Aloe Vera Gel

    Have a nice weekend everyone!
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  20. Friday AM 2017-04-21

    Georgetown Pottery G20 Hamada & Purple scuttle
    Rooney 1/3 Finest (26mm/55mm)
    Boellis Panama 1924 shaving soap
    Delta Echo Black Chrome-Nickel Feather AS-D2/Stork Advoco Titanium
    Polsilver Iridium Super (5)
    Love My Skin Almond aftershave
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