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Chinese futur clone

Discussion in 'DE Razors' started by Tony.T, Thursday April 13, 2017.

  1. Paul L

    Paul L

    I received an email yesterday asking if 50% refund is OK and keep the dodgy razors.
    My reply was no, give back my money and pay to have your items returned.
    Another email today offering full refund and keep the dodgy gear. . . .
    Awaiting refund. . .
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  2. Sam9292


    +1. Received a swift refund. Waiting on a razor from Ali express

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  3. jmudrick


    One of many threads on QC /inherent design issues of the Merkur Futur. Don't Blame The Clone.

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  4. SeanC


    My order seems to have gone AWOL. Can't say I'm too fussed after finding out it's a poor TTO probably on its way.

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  5. I have received a full refund from 'talkquikly', stating without returning the order when it arrives, ..for that i can't really fault them, to be honest i don't think the seller/sender knew what he or she was shipping out..with it been mass produced..anyway I've learnt a valid lesson, don't buy on impulse again...I didn't really need the Qshave anyway..i just fell down the rabbit hole like everyone else....
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  6. jmudrick


    Hold on, shouldn't a vendor know what they are selling? They went to the trouble to Photoshop out the QShave branding for some reason. Giving these folks a pass (and a refund without bad feedback is just a cost of doing business) only gives them license to continue the bait and switch charade.

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  7. yes the vendor quite rightly knows what he or she are selling,in this case it's my belief that the main seller/vendor has told the senders, the products they are sending ,are/where the adjustable Qshave wasn't until everyone who fell for the scam,and complained about it that the vendor relised that they had dug a big hole for themselves and had no other alternative, then to give a full refund...

    As for giving good feedback for the refund, i was perfectly clear to them that i wouldn't go along with the devious Charade they have tried to unsuccessfully pull off the only credit i gave them ,which wasn't really credit in a round about way,was..that they have admitted a fault and had no other alternative than to give a full refund..they have created a huge amount of bad feedback for themselves by doing this.'People remember you for the bad things you do, not the the good things'!..So in end the damage has been caused by 'talkquikly' themselves... However,No one will ever stop this, because they just open a new account, different name, different devious con..Ebay should have them's very hard to do so.. At the end of the day at least we've been refunded,so no harm done.Regards.
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  8. oldjoe


    And the razor shaved very nicely. Again I can really find no fault in the clones I received. The adjustment is very smooth. The blade exposure is equal and the razor can be very mild or very aggressive IMO. THE price is simply very low for what appears to me to be a quality made product. How long will it last? Who knows, I don't? But I have it in my razor rotation now and I believe it will last longer than I will?
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  9. jmudrick


    The problem is that eBay allows drop shipping, an arrangement between the eBay seller and wholesaler or manufacturer which allows for sales without stock in hand. So in this case the deceit may originate with the drop shipper rather than the eBay seller who may merely be negligent in dealing with a scamming supplier. That shipper seems not to be QShave since they are in Shenzen and these shipments originate elsewhere.

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  10. Well said, I will be very wary of too good to be true Ebay offers in the future.. Once bitten, twice shy...
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  11. On the upside, my order from AliExpress has landed in Blighty and is in the hands of the Royal Mail. :)
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  12. Mine is at the Regional Distribution Centre in the U.K. So far so good and if this is typical of AliExpress purchases they will get more of my custom for sure. Quite like the look of the Titan Razors and there were a couple of brushes that drew my attention.

    In fact, what the hell !!! Just ordered this for a grand sum of £3.45.
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  13. David68


    my Futur has no lateral movement and the blade gap and exposure are exactly the same on both sides. The Mingshi is simply not as well made and the spring less tight. It does however shave beautifully and I enjoyed using it and that is all that matters.
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  14. jmudrick


    Your perfect Futur is no more compelling evidence of Merkur's QC than my perfect QShave. I've owned three Merkurs and I'd describe the fit of two of the three as poor, and I've also seen enough threads on both Progress and Futur to know if you have one that's perfect in fit and calibration you can count yourself fortunate.

    That being said I don't doubt that the MingShi uses inferior materials. Whether that matters a wit we'll know in 20 years I guess. Personally, I'm glad it weighs less, as a head shaver I consider that an advantage and one of the reasons I never would consider the Merkur version.

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  15. Electrif


    Nice brush, have one myself.
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  16. I thought it looked nice especially for the price. Quite like the look of the aluminium travel brushes they have on there too.
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  17. Last updates:
    - the supposed Futur clone (but likely to be Nanjie) ordered from a Thai ebay seller (girlqueen), who's probably a part of the big Chinese razor money scheme, is still on its way...
    - the Qshave bought from an AliXpress seller (Lucy Dong) is now in NW London (Blackmore, Princess Royal distribution centre), so hopefully it will be on my doorstep anytime soon.
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  18. Shame. Had I known I could have given you mine.
    It's an OK brush (not as good as the infamous Tomtop to me). I found out that it started to perform better when I increased the splay by leaving the brush upside down with a bit of weight on the handle.
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  19. Like many others, I bought the Futur clone from Talkquikly, an ebay vendor, and like others it hasn't arrived so I contacted the seller and received a prompt response:

    Hi dear,
    We wish to apologize for all inconvenience we caused.
    The item you ordered is Men's Adjustable Safety Razor Double Edge Safety Pack 1 Handle&1 Blades.

    We are sorry to say our colleague put wrong pictures for this item before. We fixed it already now.
    This is our fault and we must be responsible for the item .

    How about we refund you 100% and is there any possible that you could keep it when you receive it later?
    We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience this incident may have caused to you
    Look forward to your reply.

    I replied saying that I'd like the refund including postage. I'll post again if I actually get a refund. I sort of don't believe the seller - the clue is in the word "adjustable", which the item they are now showing is not - but I kind of think they messed up rather than set out to defraud.
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  20. My other Futur clone from AliExpress is at my local mail centre, if they're on the ball it should be here tomorrow. :)

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